What do we do?

Yeasteria stands out for its will to explain wine produced from biodynamic and organic agriculture and craft beer, to the curious palates and receptive souls by using a culturally physical, fun, responsible and modern method.

We believe that wine consumption can’t get separated from the knowledge of artisanal work behind it. Be it wine, beer or food, a product of craftsmanship is always the result of a human intelligence, a creative resource which transforms an idea into an act of taste and civil choice, a stimulation which is missing in the industrial production of any product.

Our distinguishing feature is the honesty we put in everything we do. We are not the product of opportunist marketing strategies. We believe in the genuine nature of what we offer. We are free from the grips of prejudices, designation and industrial logic. We embrace the pleasures of waiting and of conviviality, the return to simplicity, the humility of biting off just as much as you can chew.

We would like Yeasteria to become a nationwide platform, creating unconventional sensory paths to find those oases among this overwhelming aridity. We would like to start from Venice and travel all the way down to Sicily. We will only stop when we will be ready to give birth to our educational fermentation farm.

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Winemaker Vulgaris

We produce wine and study the process of applied fermentation. We are Jacopo and Esmeralda, a wine maker and a brewer, and we are proposing a new experience, different from the pretentious style of standard tastings. We will take you straight to the cellars where grapes are transformed into wine, and inside the breweries where malt and hops are melded together to create a bittersweet blend for yeast. Do you wish to find out more?

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You just have to write us to get to know each other! Find us on Facebook, or inside an old ‘bacaro’ on the Lagoon, or in a mountain cottage, at a kiosk on the beach, on board a balloon in the sky, or in a rest area.


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