Lately we have been wandering with curiosity in a zone of the Vicenza’s Hills (Colli Berici) taking a cue from the writings of our distant ancestor explorer Antonio Pigafetta: ‘Here one can find Barbarano which, with his castle, is vicar of eleven countries and universal market. Here it seems that the alma nature has dignified sky and earth with all the things more appreciated for the convenience and the enjoyment of the human life’.

The Berici Hills zone is famous for the production of great Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon and Chardonnay. What many don’t know is that it hides a back-vanguard of young wine makers. These people fight every day to bring forth their idea of territorial expression through the defense of native grapes of those hills as the Tai, the Garganega and the Durella. We have known brand new realities which started from scratch a few months ago, and other ones which are produly keeping an ancient family tradition running. Wineries in evolution that are leading the change in the way these hills are used and known.


Colli Berici Yeasteria Vino Biologico Winetour

So here’s what we found out:

  • Alessandro Pialli, Tai producer with a long course tradition. The family started in the ‘60 to produce high-quality wines typical from the Berici Hills zone. Today Alessandro gives two interpretations of these humble grapes and we are waiting to taste the new and young Garganega.
  • Sieman, the three Filippini brothers, native of Padova and adopted by the Vicentinian lands. Coming from different paths, they are unified by the passion for the wine and the earth. They are an explosion of freshness and entrepreneurial initiative with a clear vision of the future. They will growth with their wines. The Sieman brothers have let us taste the fruit of a collaboration with Pialli, which was a truly pleasant surprise that left us delighted.  
  • Az. Agr. Piovene Porto Godi, is an institution in the territory of Berici Hills. Generation after generation until today, Piovene’s wines are the wines of a family. A family who can easily represent the wine of a country. A family that is evolving. In fact, during the last years, they had a turn of generation and we are certain that it will bring great surprises in the respect of the ancient family traditions.

It does not matter if it’s young with a fresh taste or strong and aged a few years. Tai grape with its humbleness can easily compete with much more famous grapes. As they are used to say: ‘col Tocai non sbagli mai!’.

   ‘If you’re drinking Tocai you can’t be wrong!


Colli Berici Yeasteria Vino Biologico Winetour


From Barbarano with passion we are waiting. For what? You may ask. We are waiting for a brand new and fresh reality to move its first steps. We can’t say the name, but we are convinced that they will get the right direction. We have gone find them in their cellar and we must admit, we were absolutely amazed by such a sudden change of route. In comparison with their old productive path they have made a big and biological step forward, geared with enthusiasm and a little bit of fortune. 

Those who will drink (with us), will see.


Colli Berici Yeasteria Vino Biologico Winetour
Colli Berici Yeasteria Vino Biologico Winetour