Privacy Policy

Data will be collected and processed in accordance with the Council Recommendation 2/2001, adopted on 17 May 2001 by European authorities for personal data protection in order to establish a set of minimal requirements for online personal data collection in the European Union. This notice is issued pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, from 30 June 2003 – Italian Personal Data Protection Code.

Owner and responsible person for data processing

The owner and responsible for data processing is Jacopo Nardi (hereinafter referred to as Yeasteria), based in Corte Pietro da Lesina 948, 30122, Venezia, Italy. To contact us please write to

Processing location

Data will be processed at the address of Data Controller. In accordance to Art. 43 et seq. of Legislative Decree 196/2003, data treatment outside the European Union requires the consent of the person concerned.

Aim and mode of data processing

Aim and mode of processing of both personal and navigation data are outlined below. Data treatment will happen by means and modalities apt to assure the privacy and confidentiality of treated data, in accordance to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and to the current laws. Both compulsory and optional data provided by users, will be used by Yeasteria exclusively for the following purposes:

  • to respond to specific requests of information by the user;

  • to allow the website holder to defend himself in court from potential improper uses of the site and the services it offers;

  • to send informational newsletters about Yeasteria’s activities.

When necessary, according to Legislative Decree 196/2003, Be.Family will require the user’s consent to proceed with personal data processing.

What kind of data do we process?

Mandatory data requirements

During the ordinary course of operation, a software collects some of the users’ personal data, necessary for the running of the website and to allow the user to take full advantage from the services we provide. Therefore, personal data provision is mandatory.

These data, such as full name and e-mail, enable the user to be identified. They are only treated for the previously described aims, as long as necessary to accomplish the service requested by the user. Users can ask for data removal for legitimate reasons at any time. Data may be used to ascertain responsibility in case of computer crime against the site.

Optional supply of personal data

Supplying personal sensitive data is generally optional and voluntary and it requires user’s explicit consent. Where the user uses the site to publish or share a third party’s personal data, the user will be considered responsible for it; the Data Controller will be discharged from any liability caused by the disclosure of information.

Yeasteria commits to the custody of both compulsory and optional data requirements, in order to minimise risks associated with intentional or unintentional destruction or loss of data, unauthorised access or handling or use of data for purposes other than those for which it was collected.

Rights of data subjects

In accordance to the rights established by Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (right to control and confirm personal data existence, their origin and content, whether they are correct or not, right to update, amend or add data, right to delete, make anonymous or block data from being processed if it contravenes legislation), users can exercise their rights at any time by informing the Data Controller via email

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